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BC&D Concepts GmbH, Weinheim

BC&D was founded in October 2005 by the former shareholders of microcuff GmbH in order to absorb worldwide exclusive licenses and patents on innovative platform technologies in the field of bowel management where the acquirer of microcuff GmbH, Kimberley Clark, was not interested in. BC&Dīs core competence is in ultra-thin, high diameter polyurethane (PUR) balloon membranes at superior seal, occlusion or tamponade within delicate, pressure sensitive human body structures. Though having membrane-like composition, micro-thin PUR foils are extraordinarily tear and puncture resistant. Potential products include among others: rectal incontinence plugs, colo-rectal irrigation tube, indwelling bowel management devices, colostomy plugs or haemorrhoid treatment plugs. In addition BC&D has access to a sophisticated blow-molding process, originally designed by microcuff for its unique balloon foil technology.

The company was sold in May 2008.

- Elke Kirschner (CEO)

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen

Weitere Investoren:
- Private Investors