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LION bioscience AG, Heidelberg

Heidelberg Innovation gave essential structural input and strategic advice within the foundation of LION bioscience AG and therefore kept a close relation with the company since its inception.

LION bioscience offered comprehensive solutions in the field of Life Science informatics. By integrating molecular biology and informatics, LION built a powerful platform for data analysis and combination, empowering R&D processes in the life science and healthcare industry. LION, for example, supports customers by automating gene and genome analyses (bioSCOUT) or with analysis of expression data (arraySCOUT).

In the summer of 2000 the IPO of LION constituted the largest public offering of a German biotech company until to date with an issuing volume of EUR 231.4m.

In 2006 LION bioscience AG was merged with the Heidelberg biotech company Axaron Bioscience AG giving birth to Sygnis Pharma AG.

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen