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microcuff GmbH, Weinheim

microcuff's business was based on development and manufacturing of microthin balloon foils from polyurethane for a wide range of different medical applications. The current major field of application uses microcuff produced ballons mounted onto respiratory tubes for long term intubated patients. Balloons (cuffs) made from microthin foils for the first time enable tracheal and tracheostomy tubes to build a most reliable and tight seal against pharyngeal secretions pooling in the trachea above the cuff, thus helping to prevent the pathogenesis of ventilator associated pneumonia. Further applications are among a range of other products targeting Airway Management, Bleeding Tamponades, Urinary Drainage, Surgery etc. Microcuff has built a strong and expanding intellectual property in all of these areas. Unique and novel lines of microcuffed paediatric and intensive care unit (ICU) tracheal tubes have been developed and introduced to the market. microcuff has developed its own machinery, enabling the company to manufacture various balloons in unparalleled quality ranging in wall-thickness from 15 down to 3 microns. Production facilities of GMP standard are available at microcuff for foil based products of diverse designs and shapes. microcuff follows exacting quality standards required to provide medical device manufacturers with components.

Heidelberg Innovation invested in microcuff in early 2001 as the sole equity investor. The company was able to attract additional soft money from tbg and public grants.

microcuff was acquired by Kimberly-Clark (NYSE: KMB) in October 2005 in a cash transaction.

Certain applications of microcuffs technology in the field of ostomy, incontincence, and bowel management, were licensed to BC&D Concepts GmbH, a spin-off company of microcuff.

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen