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Cellzome, Inc., Heidelberg

Cellzome was spun out of the European Molecular Biology Laboratories, Heidelberg, in the year 2000 based upon world leading proteomics technologies in drug research. These technologies allow a better and deeper understanding of the intracellular pathways for the identification of new targets for innovative drugs on the one hand and on the other the in situ identification of interactions of drugs with the proteins of the cell elucidating the mechanisms of desired and undesired activities of the drug molecule. The groundbreaking findings of Cellzome were several times selected for cover stories of first rate journals such as Nature, Nature Biotechnology or Nature Cell Biology and have been rewarded prestigious awards and grants. In recent years Cellzome could advance the commercialisation of its scientific excellence. This can be seen from several cooperations with first rate partners like Novartis, Bayer or J & J. In particular the cooperation with Ortho McNeil (J & J) in the field of Alzheimer's Disease could be extended and expanded in 2008. It concerns now not only new drugs in the amyloid pathway like γ –secretases but also the so-called tau-pathway. Only shortly thereafter Cellzome could conclude a major strategic alliance with GSK in the field of inflammatory diseases using their proprietary Kinobeads™-technology for mapping of protein kinases. This alliance comprises 7 programmes with cumulative milestone payments of £114 million each plus double-digit royalties. Only 3 month after closing this deal Cellzome could announce having reached the first milestone. A second big alliance with GSK regarding Cellzome's epigenetic platform could be closed in March 2010. This implied a downpayment of € 33m and performance dependent milestones up to € 475m.

GlaxoSmithKline fully acquired Cellzome for GBP 61 million in May 2012.

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen