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Alantos Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Boston/Heidelberg

Alantos Pharmaceuticals develops patented small molecule drugs in attractive indications applying a strict "fast followr" strategy. The original core competence of the company in medicinal chemistry has successfully been extended to preclinical and early clinical development by a team of very experienced industry veterans using a mix of internal and external sources. Thus the company has in record time profiled two families of patented molecules in two big indications, i.e. type II diabetes and osteoarthritis, the first representatives of which can be regarded as best in class in preclinicals. The first candidate - a socalled DDP IV inhibitor for the treatment of diabetes - is presently already in phase IIa trials. This molecule was recently partnered to Servier Pharma for a worldwide territory except the USA. The US rights are retained by Alantos. The most advanced congener of the other family of very specific MMP-inhibitors will start phase I this year and has shown very promising effects in osteoarthritis models so far.

Alantos Pharmaceuticals Inc is a Boston based company with a subsidiary in Heidelberg, Germany. Heidelberg Innovation was instrumental in starting the company in Heidelberg as well as structuring and restructuring the business concept and orchestrating the financing rounds so far.

In July 2007 Alantos was acquired by Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN; http://www.Amgen.com) for more than $ 300 million.

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen (Ex-Board Observer Alantos Inc.; Ex Chairman Supervisory Board Alantos AG)