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Biofrontera AG, Leverkusen

Biofrontera is a specialty pharma company focussing on dermatological diseases with a well-balanced development portfolio. The most advanced product is a proprietary nanoemulsion of a compound for photodynamic therapy of precancerous lesions of the skin, so-called actinic keratodermia. This product, BF-200 ALA, was able to achieve a complete healing of the actinic keratodermia in 96% of patients as shown in a placebo controlled phase III trial. In another phase III trial BF-200 ALA showed a highly significant superiority over Metvix© i.e. the competitive product in the market. Filing for drug approval at the EMA is planned for autumn 2010 after availability of the necessary stability data of the first large scale batches. An additional product is being developed for therapy resistant urticaria and has completed phase II. In addition, Biofrontera has developed a proprietary drug candidate for the treatment of migraine up to phase I. Phase 0 (microdosing in man) showed excellent pharmakokinetic data. All these candidates have a decreased development risk in common since they are either already approved for other indications or have been in advanced clinical development or they consist of new delivery systems for an approved molecule. Apart from the dermatological portfolio Biofrontera has further interesting projects in other indication which may be candidates for outlicensing.

Since October 30, 2006 the shares of Biofrontera have been listed on the regulated market of Düsseldorf Stock Exchange and have been traded at the same time at the Deutsche Börse Frankfurt and the Xetra system.

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- Prof. Dr. Hermann Lübbert (CEO)
- Werner Pehlemann (CFO)

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen