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Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG, Basel

Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG has operations in Liestal, Switzerland (near Basel) as well as a business development office in Boston, MA, USA. It is a fully integrated drug discovery and development business which was formed in August 2004 through the merger of MyoContract AG and Graffinity Pharmaceuticals AG. The company is focused on the discovery, preclinical and clinical development, and commercialization of pharmaceuticals for neuromuscular and metabolic diseases. The most advanced project is Idebenone which was approved by the Canadian authorities for Friedreich'sche Ataxia in 2008. It is in phase III clinical trials in Europe and in the US. Phase II clinical studies in Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy are under way. Fipamezol which was acquired from Iuvantia showed positive effects on the side-effects of L-Dopa (dyskinesia) in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease and could be partnered to Biovail for north America. In addition, Santhera develops Omigapil which was acquired from Novartis for congenital muscular dystrophy.

Since 3 November 2006 the shares of Santhera are traded under the ticker symbol SANN in the main segment of SWX Swiss Exchange. The Company raised CHF 101.8 Mio. within an IPO. In 2008 Ares Life Science invested additional SFr 15.9 million. Together with the downpayment from Biovail of $ 12m and some restructuring the company should be financed beyond the expected launch of Idebenone in the US.

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- Dr. Klaus Schollmeier (CEO)
- Barbara Heller (CFO)
- Dr. Thomas Meier (CSO)
- Dr. Helmut Kessmann (CBO)

Investment Manager:
- Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen