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  Professor Dr. Ulrich Abshagen    

Founder and Managing Partner
  Professor Abshagen is the founder of HI (1996) and has concentrated the last years on building HI to become a leading European venture firm. He brings to the firm a 20 years track record in building global pharmaceutical businesses. Professor Abshagen is a board certified internist and clinical pharmacologist and was instrumental in establishing clinical pharmacology as an academic and medical discipline in Germany.

He served as President & CEO with worldwide responsibility for the pharmaceutical business of Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche) and built its U.S. pharma business from scratch to a break-up value > $ 1bn. Already in the early 80ies he integrated molecular biology and genetic engineering into drug discovery and development. During his tenure, 10 novel drugs including 3 biologics were discovered, developed and launched into world markets. Among those therapeutics were 3 blockbusters (Carvedilol - >$ 2bn, Umsatz, EPO - $ 2bn, Ibandronat - $ 1bn).

Prof Abshagen currently holds supervisory board seats in Arthro Kinetics and invendo medical and is honorary senator of the University of Heidelberg.


Arthro Kinetics AG, Berlin, D
Biofrontera AG, Leverkusen
Digilab Inc., Canton, MA
invendo medical GmbH, Kissing
Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG, Basel
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